Further sustainability gains with new crusher

In recent years we have seen a sharp increase in the amount of plastic used in architectural elements such as doors, windows, and façades. Plastic-coated, insulated profiles are used to make doors and windows as energy neutral as possible. As a result, more and more aluminium with plastic coating is entering the recycling stream. With its recycling plant in Kerkrade, E-MAX is one of the few foundries able to process aluminium with plastic coatings.

Due to this increase in the amount of plastic in some architectural profiles, the variation in percentage of plastic varies greatly.

The profiles submitted for recycling contain increasingly more plastic. The variation in the percentage of plastic from one profile to the next therefore varies greatly. In order for E-MAX to maintain its unique position in the processing of these profiles, it is important to learn how to deal with this variation.

E-MAX develops innovative new solution 

E-MAX is known for being an innovative company. This time through the installation of the crusher and a sorting installation. The crusher and sorting installation are, in principle, familiar technologies, but they have never been used in this configuration before. The newly installed crusher will separate and sort out a portion of the plastic. 

Complete removal of the plastics is undesirable because the plastics are gasified through a special process. The resulting energy is then used in the smelting process. This results in more uniformity of the composition of the scrap insulated profiles, allowing them to be used more efficiently in the smelting furnaces.

Making the most of the rapidly advancing sustainable technologies 

The installation was designed and built with the assistance of renowned local companies. With this crusher, we ensure that every type of insulated profile is suitable for recycling into the raw material for new profiles.

E-MAX highlights the importance of adapting existing recycling techniques to the rapidly developing sustainable technologies. With this solution, we offer a technique that allows us to produce new high-quality aluminium profiles from existing aluminium profiles with plastic coatings. We do this without compromising the material properties in any way.


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