Aluminium profiles

E-MAX offers both hollow and solid profiles with extensive geometric possibilities. You can choose from standard profiles or have them made-to-order. These profiles, with excellent mechanical and surface qualities, are suitable for use in many different market segments, and all the alloys are naturally also compliant with the European EN 486 and EN 573 standards. 

E-MAX also offers various post-processing options for profiles. These include sawing, anodizing, and powder coating, for example. Whatever you choose, our profiles are made of sustainable, high-quality low carbon alloys. Our advisers will be happy to help you find a solution that suits your needs. 

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E-MAX delivers aluminium profiles in different alloys with a maximum input of recycled aluminium. Depending on the availability of scrap aluminium in the market and the application the profiles are intended for, this may vary from 75 to 90%.

Available alloys:

  • X-ECO.22 / EN AW 6060
  • X-ECO.25 / EN AW 6063
  • X-ECO.27 / EN AW 6005
  • X-ECO.29 / EN AW 6061


E-MAX extrudes custom profiles from 2.5 to 13.6 metres long. If desired, we saw the profiles to the lengths you specify or perform other post-processing operations such as punching, milling, anodizing, coating, and painting. We not only provide customization but are also your best source for standard profiles. We can deliver both custom and standard profiles with quick turnaround times. 


  • Premium, low carbon quality
  • Excellent surface quality
  • For a wide range of applications and market segments
  • Excellent value for money

Scientific research into the quality of circular aluminium

For over a decade the company has conducted scientific research into the quality of circular aluminium, in collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The results of this research underscore the excellent performance of X-ECO premium circular aluminium, specifically:

  • A smooth, matt surface structure after etching. Given the right alloy composition and process parameters, a smooth, matt surface structure can be achieved.
  • Little colour variation after anodization. Good control over the etching process prevents colour differences.
  • Good resistance against filiform corrosion after powder coating. Good control over process parameters, coupled with the use of high-quality raw materials, leads to good resistance to filiform corrosion.

We have condensed all of this information into a convenient summary. See the result and the effect on X-ECO premium circular aluminium at a glance.

Download the Colour differences infographic

Download the Spangled appearance infographic

Download the Filiform corrosion infographic

Aluminium profiles

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